Facebook Advertising you are doing it wrong

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Facebook, being one of the most successful online marketing platform as of today, is also almost always misunderstood by brands. Below are some of the facts about Facebook that you should know.

Organic reach does not come out of nowhere.

The number of people who will like your page depends on the number of people who sees your page. That being said, if you have only some of your employees liking your page then chances are the only people who will be seeing your page are your employees. And they are not your target market. The solution? Jumpstart your reach by promoting your page to the right audience. With all the advance targeting options of Facebook today, you can target your niche efficiently.

Tip: Your ad won’t get a lot of traction with a small audience. Go big!

Aim for engagement and your likes will follow.

Some of you might not know this yet but Facebook’s algorithm is programmed to hide posts that are not getting enough response from users. So, if you have a hundred thousand likes on your page but you are only engaging 1% of them then it’s most likely that 99% of your fans do not see your posts on their newsfeed anymore. Which is a shame and a total waste of fan base. The best remedy for this is to start engaging your fans by posting content that encourages conversation and that are share-worthy. Promoting posts regularly is also a good strategy to stay on top of your fans’ newsfeed.

As per our experience, organic reach always mimic your paid reach’s behavior. So even if you are at a minimum budget, you will benefit from promoting your posts.


Tip: People on Facebook tends to comment on posts that have questions in it and tends to share posts that is unique and triggers emotional response.

You can’t make a post go viral!

Most Social Media Managers have been asked by their clients or bosses to make a post “viral”. And like me, you must have wanted to laugh out loud about the idea. You see, you can’t make a content go viral. The most you can do is provide relevant content, post it on the right time, and then cross your fingers. Instead of waiting for a miracle that is as rare as a unicorn horn, focus instead on making your content compelling enough so it gains a relevant amount of engagement. After all, only your audience can decide whether they want to make your post go “viral”. More often than not, these viral posts are simple happy accidents. Mostly posts that triggers extreme emotional response like awe, anger, or happiness.

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